Family legal protection gives you the peace of mind that if you have an issue at work or a problem with a neighbour, for example, your legal costs will be covered up to £100,000.


This is an optional add-on to our Bronze, Silver or Gold Home Insurance policies, and the benefits include:


  • No excess if you need to make a claim
  • Add cover at any time so if your circumstances change halfway through the policy, it’s no problem
  • No admin fees – it’s completely free to make changes at any time
  • Fair, transparent pricing – you only pay for what you specifically need, with no hidden extras in the final price
  • No unnecessary renewal hikes because we really do value your loyalty.

What is family legal protection insurance?


Family legal protection covers your legal costs and expenses around any claims you may need to make. This includes the cost of hiring a lawyer if your case goes to trial and generally we will provide you with our choice of lawyer. We can also cover any lost earnings during the time you are in court and not able to work.


Some typical situations family legal protection can help with include:


  • Disputes about buying, hiring or selling products and services - anything from a new sofa to a family holiday
  • Claims made by visitors who have been injured at your home
  • Poor work carried out by a tradesperson in your home


With our family legal protection (also known as family legal expenses), you have our help and support for any unexpected difficulties that may come up at home, work and beyond. It is an add-on available with Bronze, Silver Gold policies from John Lewis Home Insurance and it covers both you and your immediate family members.

What’s covered by family legal protection?


There is a range of common scenarios covered within family legal protection, including:

Personal accidents
and injuries

Legal protection covers you and your family for challenging life events such as sudden accidents and injuries that were not your fault.

For personal injury we don’t just provide cover in the UK, we also provide cover in a large number of European countries. You can find the full list of countries in your policy documents.

Clinical negligence

In the UK, we cover clinical negligence. This is where something has gone wrong in an operation or procedure, for example.

It also covers death, and it goes without saying that we hope you or your family never need to use this part of the policy.

Property disputes

The cover can also be useful in everyday situations such as property issues, including those relating to buying or selling a home. You’re covered for disputes with neighbours over issues such as:

  • Boundaries
  • Encroaching tree roots
  • Rights of light

Issues at work

Our family legal protection covers you for unfair dismissal or discrimination at work.

This includes maternity discrimination and similar unjust treatment.

Jury service

Jury service is something that can crop up at an inconvenient time in your everyday life.

With family legal protection we’ll cover your loss of earnings while you are on jury duty.

Tax investigations

If you discover your taxes are about to be investigated by HMRC, we’ll cover any related costs and legal representation needed.

Do you need family legal protection?


Family legal protection can be helpful if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation with a neighbour or employer, for example. We’re here to help you to resolve things, hopefully without having to go to court. But if you do go to court, we cover your costs there too - up to £100,000 in total per claim. 

You have 24/7 access to our specialist legal help and support, as well as 24/7 confidential counselling. You also have access to our tax advice helpline and our health and medical advice helpline - both of which are open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. We hope this goes some way to lightening the load.

Is there anything family legal protection doesn’t cover?


There’s a full list in your policy document, but as an overview the types of situations that aren’t covered include:

  •  Marital disputes including divorce

  •  Problems with landlords

  •  If you are arrested for a suspected crime

  •  Parking fines, speeding tickets, etc


We’ll take as much detail as possible about your claim before making a decision. We’re only able to take on cases that we believe have a good chance of success.


No, but it’s already included in our home insurance policy, so if you or your family experience identity theft we’ll provide cover for expenses and legal fees. This is a benefit for all John Lewis Home Insurance customers.

No, but you can add family legal protection to your Bronze, Silver or Gold policy from John Lewis Home Insurance at any time with no admin fees.

No. We won’t be able to cover any events or injuries that happened before you added family legal protection to your John Lewis Home Insurance.

There is no excess with our legal protection insurance add-on. 

We can cover claims over £100 including VAT.

Need something unique?

This family legal protection add-on is optional with our Bronze, Silver or Gold policies.

We also offer optional legal protection with our Specialist Home Insurance, designed for unique homes and high-value contents.

For more information, speak to one of our specialists by calling 0800 916 6880 or get a specialist quote online.

Not yet covered by John Lewis?

Insure your home and valuables today by calling us on 0345 608 9011 or getting a quote online.

For a higher level of cover, we also offer Specialist Home Insurance for unique homes and high-value contents.

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