Car Insurance from
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Protect yourself against responsibility for any expenses
if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or other property while driving

Car insurance protects you against responsibility for any expenses if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or other property while driving*.

In the United Kingdom, it's compulsory for drivers to have car insurance and the minimum legal requirement is third party insurance.

*With Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance, third party damage cover has a cap of £20 million. 

Third party insurance only covers you against having to pay if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or other property, but it won't pay to repair damage to your car. This will cover third party damage and also fire and theft, so you can claim for repair or replacement if your car is damaged or destroyed as a result of theft, attempted theft or fire.

The most commonly purchased option is comprehensive insurance, which covers damage to your car, including windscreens, in addition to all of the cover included in third party, fire and theft cover.


Car insurance policies vary, so always check what your policy offers as standard and what optional extras you have to pay more for.

Optional Legal Protection cover provides you and your passengers with up to £100,000 in total worth of legal expenses and/or £25,000 to defend a driving conviction if a driving ban is a likely outcome.

Following a non-fault accident it’s there to help you get back any out-of-pocket expenses such as compensation for loss of earnings and recover your excess. It also helps you with solicitor’s fees.

Cover only applies where there is a greater than 50% chance of recovery of uninsured losses or, in the case of a motoring prosecution, a greater than 50% chance of you being acquitted or a driving ban being avoided.

Car breakdown policies provide different levels of cover that can include:

  • Roadside assistance.
  • Assistance if your car won't start at home.
  • Recovery of a broken down vehicle to the nearest garage or your home address.
  • Cover in Europe.

Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance offers four levels of optional cover for the car you insure with us: Roadside, Roadside & Recovery*, At Home and European Assistance.

This Breakdown Cover is designed to get you back on your way as quickly as possible, but it won't cover the cost of replacement parts, fuel, tyres or other materials used in the repair.

* Available to new customers only

Claiming for an accident that was your fault usually means you lose some or all of your No Claims Discount. However there is a way to protect your discount. If you have accumulated four or more years No Claims Discount, and don’t already have two or more claims in the last three years, you may be able to protect the discount for an additional cost.

Protected No Claims Discount allows you to make up to two fault claims in a three year period without losing any of your No Claims Discount.

No Claims Bonus Protection does not protect the overall price of your insurance policy. The price of your insurance policy may increase following an accident even if you were not at fault.


Some policies only provide a courtesy car as an optional extra, while others only provide a courtesy car if your car requires repair, but not if your car is stolen and not recovered or written off.

With Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance, a replacement car is provided for a maximum of 30 days if your car is stolen and not recovered or is written off.

If your car is being repaired following an insured incident, you’ll receive a courtesy car if an approved repairer is used for the duration of the repairs. This may be any car the approved repairer has available.

Terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.


Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance offers 180 days cover in Europe as standard, and you have the option of adding breakdown cover in Europe, too.

Our Comprehensive Cover includes Personal Accident Cover which will protect you or your spouse/civil partner in the case of serious injury while you're travelling in any car, up to £10,000 as standard.

Cover is also in place for any passenger who is getting into, travelling in or getting out of the car (as long as there is a passenger seat for that person).

Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance provides unlimited cover against damage to in-car equipment if it has been fitted by the manufacturer, and up to £750 for non-manufacturer fitted equipment.


John Lewis Comprehensive Car Insurance includes the repair or replacement of windscreens as standard, and making a claim will not affect your no claims discount. Details of the applicable excesses can be found in your policy schedule.

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