Our multi-gadget cover is an add-on to your John Lewis Home Insurance. Your whole family is covered, including your children’s gadgets. We handle claims quickly, so you could be up and running on a new or repaired gadget in a matter of days.

This is an optional add-on to our Bronze, Silver or Gold Home Insurance policies, and the benefits include:


Up to £2,500 cover per named gadget, and up to £10,000 total gadget cover

Your gadgets are covered anywhere in the world

Add or remove cover at any time so if things change halfway through the policy, it’s no problem

No admin fees – it’s completely free to make changes at any time

Fair, transparent pricing – you only pay for what you specifically need, with no hidden extras in the final price

No unnecessary renewal hikes because we really do value your loyalty

Do you need gadget insurance?

When you add up how many gadgets you have at home and how much it would cost to replace them, you may find gadget insurance is a good idea. Particularly with Which? estimating the cost of replacing the display of an iPhone 11 Pro Max at £326.

As gadgets aren’t always covered on standard home insurance policies, gadget insurance could be something you would need to add on to your policy.

With our gadget insurance add-on, you’re covered for most everyday scenarios including:

  • Dropping your smartphone down the toilet
  • Cracking the screen of your tablet
  • A child knocking a drink over your laptop
  • Losing a gadget or having it stolen


Many gadgets come with a product warranty, but check what’s covered as some warranties do not extend to accidental damage or theft. In this scenario, a gadget insurance add-on could be beneficial.

What is covered with gadget insurance?

We cover loss, theft and damage to your gadgets - including liquid damage.

  • Gadgets worth up to £200
  • Named gadgets worth £201-£2,500
  • Total cover up to £10,000 for multiple gadgets

If things change, and you buy a new gadget for example, simply give us a call on 0345 608 9001 and we will add it on.

Taking your gadgets abroad

With this add-on, you and your family’s gadgets are covered on holiday abroad for up to 60 days.

What counts as a gadget?

Our gadget insurance add-on covers the following gadgets:

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones and mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Digital cameras and camera lenses
  • Video cameras
  • Sat navs and GPS devices
  • E-readers
  • Headphones and earphones
  • Portable audio equipment/speakers
  • Portable games consoles
  • Smartwatches


To claim, you need to be able to tell us where or when the gadget (and/or accessory) was stolen, lost or damaged.

If your mobile phone is stolen, we cover the cost of any calls, texts and downloads made within the first 24 hours. We’ll also cover anything spent from your eWallet for the first 24 hours (up to £2,500). There are more details in your policy documents.

What is not covered with gadget insurance?

This gadget insurance add-on doesn’t cover:

  •  Drones
  •  Wear and tear
  •  Cosmetic damage
  •  Any reconnection costs or subscription fees
  •  Personalised ringtones or graphics
  •  Downloaded material or software

It’s also worth checking if you have additional cover for a gadget. If you have a standalone policy you bought with your laptop or smartphone, for example, we won’t cover that gadget.

Find out more in your policy documents.

Top tips to keep your gadgets safe

1. Use SmartWater to identify your gadgets

Mark all your gadgets with SmartWater or similar tagging techniques. These tend to put thieves off and also make it easier to get your gadgets back if they are stolen or lost.

2. Keep your gadgets safe when you’re not at home

Keep your gadgets locked away when you're not at home, and keep them out of sight and not in front of the window.

3. Keep your gadgets close when you're out

Keep a close eye on your phone, tablet or laptop when you're out and about. We recommend you keep gadgets in your eye line and within your arm's reach.

4. Protect your smartphone from accidental damage

Always use a good quality phone case and screen protector for your smartphone and tablet to help prevent screen damage.


Yes. We provide cover for any gadgets regardless of their age.

If your gadget is second-hand and/or refurbished we can cover it. We’ll ask for certain paperwork, such as receipts and warranties. You can find out more in your policy documents.

Yes, you will need proof of purchase when claiming on both new and second-hand gadgets with this add-on.

We don’t cover cosmetic damage to gadgets, which includes things like a scratch to your phone screen that doesn’t affect the way the phone works.

Not with our standard Bronze, Silver or Gold Home Insurance policies. But you can choose to add our gadget insurance add-on to these policies.



Yes, with this add-on, your gadgets are covered outside the home. Your gadgets will also be covered inside the home by your standard Bronze, Silver and Gold Contents Insurance.

Yes, your accessories - such as headphones and chargers - are covered with this gadget insurance add-on.

Not yet covered by John Lewis?

Insure your home and valuables today by calling us on 0345 608 9011 or getting a quote online.

For a higher level of cover, we also offer Specialist Home Insurance for unique homes and high-value contents.

Choose other optional add-ons

With our Bronze, Silver or Gold Home Insurance policies, you can change your add-ons to suit your new circumstances at any time, without admin fees or hidden charges.


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