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Which? Best Buy applies to vet fee limits of £5,000, £7,500, £9,000 & £12,000

We pay 95% of claims within 5 days
(Claims data from May 2023 to Oct 2023)

Defaqto Expert Rated 5 stars for Pet Insurance 2024

Defaqto 5 Star Rating applies to vet fee limits of £5,000, £7,500, £9,000 & £12,000

What’s included with John Lewis Dog Insurance?

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives, so naturally we want the best care for them. That’s why John Lewis Pet Insurance is only available as a lifetime policy. It’s packed with benefits to help you keep on top of your pet’s health, giving you the freedom to focus on their happiness. You can choose a level of vet fee cover that suits your dog's needs when you get a quote.

Enjoy these benefits:


Annual online health checks

From home, or wherever you choose. You can schedule an annual consultation with a veterinary specialist at vetfone™. It’s a convenient service that complements your in-person vet check-ups.


Lifetime cover

If your dog develops a long-term illness, they can be taken care of for life. Just as long as your policy remains with John Lewis and there’s no break in cover.

Learn about lifetime cover

24/7 vetfone™ helpline

Got a question about your dog's health or behaviour? For expert advice call the vetfone™ helpline. It comes as part of your policy and you can use the service as often as you want.


Dental treatment

John Lewis comprehensive dog insurance provides cover for accidental dental care and illness. This includes tooth decay, gum disease and post-illness teeth removal.²

If you are an existing customer, check your policy document to see if this benefit is included.

Lifetime cover also includes:


Quick and easy online claims

95% of all Pet Insurance claims through John Lewis are paid within 5 days. Choose whether claims payments go directly to you or, if they agree, to your vet. Whichever works best. (Claims data from May 2023 to Oct 2023. Excess applies.)


Kennel fees

You can claim up to £1,500 in kennel fees if you cannot look after your dog due to personal injury or illness that results in a hospital stay.


Third party liability cover

Cover for legal costs or damages you may be liable to pay if your dog causes an accident or injury.

What's not included with John Lewis Pet Insurance?

  Treatment for any pre-existing medical conditions

  Vet fees following an accident in the first 48 hours of your cover start date

  Changes to your pet's health or behaviour in the first 14 days of your cover start date

Choose from six levels of vet fee cover

Every pet is different. But this shouldn’t affect the quality of care your dog has access to. You can choose a level of vet fee cover that suits your dog's needs when you get a quote. Whichever level you choose, you’ll still receive our full range of benefits.     

The six levels of vet fee cover:

Plus, there are multiple excess options to suit your budget. This can help reduce your premium costs without any loss of cover:

  • Increase your excess on claims you can choose an excess fee (ranging from £60 to £500) to pay each time you claim. By paying more when you claim, it enables us to bring your annual premium down.

  • Contribute to your vet fees - if your pet is under nine years old, there is a voluntary option to pay 10% or 20% of the vet treatment costs. This is in addition to your chosen excess amount and it can reduce the cost of your premium payments.

Unlimited access to veterinary experts

Worried about your dog’s behaviour or why they’re off their food? With your dog insurance, you gain access to vetfone™ and their fully trained team of veterinary specialists.

Your cover includes an annual online health check. Each year, you can schedule a video consultation with a veterinary expert at vetfone™. The practitioner can assess your dog for early signs of illness and share tips for maintaining their health. This service complements your dog’s annual check-up with a vet.

You also have 24/7 access to the vetfone™ helpline. You can call day or night, whenever you need to speak to an expert for advice or in an emergency. This could potentially save you unnecessary and expensive trips to the vet. It comes as part of your policy and will never affect your premium.

Existing policyholders can book an annual online health check appointment by calling the vetfone™ helpline on 0800 316 7119 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). Calls may be recorded or monitored, and charges will vary. 

Save money with a multi-pet discount

Lots of pets in the family? You can add multiple pets to one policy to get a 10% discount on your premium. That means your one dog insurance policy can work for several pups.

Common questions dog owners ask us:

Your cover can start when your puppy turns eight weeks old. Taking out dog insurance as early as possible can help you prepare for any unexpected illnesses or injuries.

No, your puppy’s vaccinations are regarded as routine treatments, which aren’t covered under our policy. 

It’s important to keep up to date with their vaccinations as they grow. They not only help to keep your dog’s health and comfort, but also save you from future treatment costs. We can’t cover illnesses that can be prevented by vaccinations, if your pet is not up to date with their vaccinations. 

No, your dog’s insurance is there to help when injury or illness happens unexpectedly. Procedures like neutering or spaying are considered routine.

Dogs are vulnerable to illness, just like us or any other animal. Naturally, certain breeds are predisposed to specific conditions. Old age can also bring different challenges, like arthritis and cataracts.  

These realities are why you can only get lifetime cover with John Lewis Pet Insurance. That means the length of treatment your dog receives won’t be limited, as long as your policy remains with John Lewis and there’s no break in cover.

With lifetime cover, your dog will be covered for ongoing conditions, as well as one-off mishaps. Like most things, the cost of this is likely to increase over time.  


The cost of looking after your dog's health can increase over time. According to the Association of British Insurers one of the reasons for this is the increasing cost of vet treatment. To keep giving them the care they need, it’s normal to expect the cost of your premium to increase as your dog ages.


How much your premium goes up depends on various factors, including your dog’s breed, age and health. Changing insurers could leave you out of pocket if your new policy doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions that your pet may already have. A pre-existing condition is a health issue, concern, illness or injury that your dog has developed, or is showing signs of. If you or your vet are aware of this condition before you take out a new policy, it may not be covered.

If you have a John Lewis Pet Insurance policy, select the relevant link below to view and print your policy documents.

If your policy ID starts with RSAP and you first bought your policy on or after 10 July 2022,
or you're not yet a customer:


If your policy ID starts with RSAP and you first bought your policy before 10 July 2022:

Summary documents:

Our Partner

We’ve carefully selected Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd to underwrite
Pet Insurance from John Lewis Finance.

²For dental care up to your chosen vet fee limit we will pay;

1. For teeth or gums damaged in an accident, 
2. If an underlying illness causes tooth decay or gum disease, or 
3. To remove teeth as treatment of an illness which is not gum disease or tooth decay.

If your pet has a dental check every 12 months: once it has had its first check and your vet has done any necessary work, additionally we will pay; 

1. If your pet suffers from tooth decay or gum disease before the next 12 month check. 
2. If tooth decay or gum disease is found at the time of the next check.

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