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Whether they’re your sidekick, co-worker, personal trainer or alarm clock, your pet is always there for you. That’s why our trusted and reassuring Pet Insurance is always there for them.

Our three levels of cover Essential, Plus and Premier are all lifetime covers, which mean's there's no time limit to how long a claim can last. So as long as you renew your policy with us and there is no break in cover, your pet’s treatment can continue year after year.

Plus when you take out a new Premier or Plus policy before 3 October 2018, you'll receive a John Lewis Partnership gift card to spend on your pet. Treat them to some toys or accessories with a £10 gift card (new Plus customers) or £15 gift card (new Premier customers). Terms and conditions apply.

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  John Lewis
Aviva M&S Bank
Standard Cover
Vet fee cover £12,000 £6,500 £7,000 £5,000
Third party liability
(Dogs only)
£3m £1m £2m £2m
Lost or stolen £1,500 £1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Maximum age
(Dogs only)
Unlimited* 9 years + Unlimited* 9 years +

Source: John Lewis Finance internet survey 16 November 2017, based on insurer direct websites, excludes optional extras.

*We will not pay claims for death from illness for pets aged 9 and over.

Caring for your pet

Caring for your dog

Caring for your cat

Things to consider

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We provide cover for dogs and cats from eight weeks old, and there is no upper age limit, though benefits do change for pets over nine years old.*

We don't offer cover for the ‘types’ of dogs that should be registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 or any subsequent amendments (whether pedigree, cross-breed or mixed breed):

Pit Bull Terrier

Japanese Tosa

Dogo Argentino

Fila Braziliero

Additionally, we don't offer cover for:

American bulldog and other breeds which are not on our breed list

Wolf or wolf hybrid

Fighting dogs

Guard or security dogs

Dogs used for racing

Dogs used in connection with any profession, occupation or business

Dogs used for breeding

*You will not be able to claim for vet fees as a result of an accident in the first 48 hours of cover, or for any changes in your pet's health or behaviour in the first 14 days of cover. Death from illness cover is not available for any pets aged 9 years and above.

There are a range of factors that could affect your Pet Insurance premium and cover, including:

The age of your pet: older pets are more likely to need medical treatment and very young animals may not have a fully developed immune system

Your pet's breed

Where you live: vet prices may vary across the country

Claims on your policy

You can reduce your premium by:

Increasing your excess  (excess options are £60, £80, £100, £140, £250 or £500)

If you're choosing a new pet, research which breeds are associated with high premiums

If you have more than one pet, investigate any multi-pet discounts that may be on offer

Keep your pet fit and healthy, including regular check-ups at the vets

Choose the right level of cover and don't be tempted to leave out important details

Our Pet Insurance only offers Lifetime Cover. This means, if you're insured with us and your premiums are paid, you could claim for a one-off mishap such as a cut paw, or an illness such as diabetes which needs treatment every year.

We offer three levels of cover, so you can choose the level of veterinary fees you'll have to use for the treatment your pet needs. If your policy is renewed every year and there is no break in cover, we won't put a time limit on how long treatment can last and we'll pay up to your chosen vet fee limit each year that you need it.

As your pet gets older they’re more likely to become ill, so the price of your insurance rises at renewal. New developments in diagnosis and treatments mean vets provide even better care. This comes at a cost, so we have to account for the rise in vet fees. Once your pet is aged nine, your excess will increase.

If you decide to change your insurer, you might find it difficult to find cover for any conditions your pet previously or currently has. Rest assured, you’ll be covered up to your chosen vet fee limit each year for as long as you keep your policy with us. If your pet is aged nine or over, you will be asked to pay extra excess when making a claim.

Our Partner

Gift offer open to customers purchasing a new John Lewis Plus or Premier Pet Insurance policy by 3 October 2018. Customers purchasing in accordance with these terms and conditions will receive a £10 gift card for Plus or a £15 gift card for Premier policies. Redeemable online.

† For new customers purchasing online. Minimum premiums apply. Discount is automatically applied when you get a quote.

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