At John Lewis, we've been helping customers create their dream homes for over 150 years, so we know how important your belongings are to you. From the kitchen table where you gather as a family, to the children’s tablets which they use to learn and relax, it’s these things that make a house a home.

Now, with many of us working and socialising at home with the family close by, there’s more opportunity for spills, breakages and other accidental damage to your home and the things in it. That's why John Lewis Home Insurance customers with Bronze, Silver, or Gold policies can choose flexible Accidental Damage add-ons for contents and buildings. These are designed to cover you for any accidental loss or damage to your belongings and your home respectively.


  • Accidental damage cover for buildings or contents - choose either or both add-ons depending on your needs
  • Add cover at any time so if things change halfway through the policy, it’s no problem
  • No admin fees – it’s completely free to make changes at any time
  • Fair, transparent pricing – you only pay for what you specifically need, with no hidden extras in the final price
  • No unnecessary renewal hikes because we really do value your loyalty

What is accidental damage insurance?

So what do we mean by accidental damage? We mean damage to your home or to objects in your home caused by the policy owner or their family. In our Bronze, Silver and Gold policy documents you’ll see it defined as ‘damage or loss of function caused by a sudden, unforeseen and unintentional event.’


With our Accidental Damage Home Insurance add-ons for Buildings or Contents, you’re covered for a range of major and minor home disasters. Whether it’s putting your foot through the ceiling or dropping something heavy on your brand new butler sink, we can cover you for instances that happen more than you'd imagine.


Accidental Damage cover is not included as standard with our Bronze, Silver and Gold Home Insurance policies, so you may choose to add this cover on. We offer two separate types of accidental damage add-on, one for contents and one for buildings.


For Specialist Home Insurance customers, cover against accidental damage is included as standard.

Do you need accidental damage insurance?

This depends on your home set-up, but if you have a busy family life accidental damage insurance can be handy because you’re covered for breakages caused by exuberant children.

Likewise you’re covered for grown-up mishaps such as the dreaded red wine on the new carpet. And if you’ve spent time choosing a nice new kitchen or bathroom, it might be reassuring to know your new sinks and mirrors are covered. Not to mention the fancy new light fittings you’ve been keen to show off to the neighbours. 

As with any insurance, a good rule of thumb is to weigh up the cost of the cover against the cost of repairing or replacing the items yourself.

What’s covered by accidental damage insurance?

We offer two separate Accidental Damage add-ons to our Bronze, Silver or Gold policies, giving you the flexibility to choose the level of cover that's right for you: 

    Accidental Damage cover for Contents

    Accidental Damage cover for Buildings

Here’s an overview of what they cover:

Accidental Damage for Contents

We now work and relax from home more than ever, which can increase the chances of things getting broken - either by us or excitable little ones.

You’ll be pleased to know our Accidental Damage for Contents add-on covers your:


  • TVs
  • Satellite equipment
  • Video and audio entertainment equipment
  • Computer equipment, including laptops
  • Smartphones within the home
  • Tablets within the home


Mirrors, ceramic and glass are also covered in this add-on, which includes things like vases. Think anything that can be moved about and is classed as furniture.

For things that are fixed on to your home - like sinks and toilets - these come under our Accidental Damage for Buildings add-on.

If you're out and about with your smartphone or tablet, this won’t be covered by this add-on, so take a look at our Gadget Insurance add-on.

Check the Gold, Silver and Bronze policy documents for more detail about what’s covered.

Find out more about our standard Contents Cover.

Accidental Damage for Buildings

Our Accidental Damage for Buildings add-on for Bronze, Silver and Gold policies covers:


  • The structural part of the home in which you live
  • Garages
  • Outbuildings
  • Drains and pipes
  • Cables
  • Underground tanks used to provide services to or from your home
  • Glass, ceramic hobs or sanitary ware


Drains and pipes are covered for accidental damage, meaning you're covered for DIY mishaps including the dreaded nail through a water pipe.

You’re also covered for anything glass or ceramic that’s fixed onto the house which includes things like your toilet and your sinks.

Check the Gold, Silver and Bronze policy documents for more detail about what’s covered.

Find out more about our standard Buildings Cover.

Insurance for contents when you move house

Our Accidental Damage for Contents add-on gives you peace of mind for anything that’s accidentally damaged in transit during a house move.

So if you’re moving within the British Isles and you use a professional removal company, we’ll safeguard your belongings while they're in transit.

What isn’t covered by Accidental Damage Insurance?

With both of our Accidental Damage add-ons, you’re covered for most loss and damage but you're not covered for anything that happens:


  •   While you’re away for more than 60 days in a row and your home is left unoccupied

  •  If your home is lent, let or sub-let to anyone other than your family

  •  As a result of water entering your home other than by storm or flood

  •  Due to a mechanical, electrical or electronic fault or breakdown


If you’re working from home in a clerical role, you’re covered. But if you’re using your house for any other business purposes, you’ll need separate business insurance.


While they're in the house, your smartphones and tablets are covered for accidental damage with our Accidental Damage for Contents add-on with Bronze, Silver or Gold policies.

If you’re worried you might accidentally damage or lose your phone while you’re out and about, you may need our Gadget Cover add-on.

Our Accidental Damage add-ons don’t cover any accidental damage caused by four-legged friends, including your dog eating your children’s homework. We do offer Pet Insurance which tends to cover any injuries your pets may do to themselves in the process, though.

Yes – happily, with these add-ons you're covered for anything accidentally damaged or broken by your children or their playmates. This includes spills on the carpet or sofa and broken chairs or mirrors – although we cannot guarantee you against the associated seven years of bad luck!

This add-on doesn’t cover you if you lose or damage a film, disc, tape or storage device.

If you have anything like this that’s irreplaceable, always make sure it’s backed up in several places. You could also check out our Cyber Insurance add-on.


You’ll need separate cover for items in storage. This add-on is purely designed to give you peace of mind while your things are in your home or on their way to your new home.

Yes. Whether it’s your matching wine glasses or your china tea set, it’s just not the same if one of them is missing, is it? Happily, with our Accidental Damage for Contents add-on, we’ll replace the whole set if you lose or damage one item from a matching set.

Need something unique?

These Accidental Damage Insurance add-ons are optional with our Bronze, Silver or Gold policies.

We also offer Specialist Home Insurance for unique homes and high-value contents, including accidental damage cover as standard.

Not yet covered by John Lewis?

Insure your home and valuables today by calling us on 0345 608 9011 or getting a quote online.

For a higher level of cover, we also offer Specialist Home Insurance for unique homes and high-value contents.

Choose other optional add-ons

With our Bronze, Silver or Gold Home Insurance policies, you can change your add-ons to suit your new circumstances at any time, without admin fees or hidden charges.


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