Specialist Home Insurance

High-value homes and personal items deserve an insurance service to match, to give you peace of mind.

We’ve taken the time to provide bespoke cover to take another worry off your mind. Our UK-based insurance specialists will personally manage your claims from beginning to end.

Do you need high-value home insurance?

This product may be appropriate for you if any of the following apply:


  • Your home is a listed building, or was built before 1800

  • You own valuables with a combined worth of over £40,000 (such as jewellery, watches and works of art)

  • Your home contains one item worth more than £20,000

  • Your home has 7 or more bedrooms

  • You own UK secondary homes or holiday homes


Not sure you need it? Find out more about our other home insurance cover levels.

Don't take our word for it

“Requested a quote from John Lewis Specialist Home Insurance online. Required a callback and needed to book a time for this which I did. An agent called me back bang on time and took me through the process quickly and professionally with a nice friendly manner. A quote was provided and was competitive so I accepted it straight away. Very good experience and service all round.”

Tim K, Trustpilot review (April 2022)

To speak with our expert underwriters or for any queries, call us on 0800 916 6880

What's included?

Ours is a fully bespoke policy, but here are some of the most popular features:


All risk worldwide cover for contents including electronic devices, jewellery and watches

Alternative accommodation cover (for up to 5 years) if your home is made uninhabitable by an insured event

Up to £10,000 payment for environmental and green upgrades when rebuilding your home

Bespoke cover for art, antiques, jewellery and watches with expert underwriting

Cyber security insurance up to £50,000 for connected home devices in the event of cybercrime, such as identity theft

Accidental damage cover included as standard

Home emergency cover with 24 hours helpline

DAS legal expenses cover (optional add on)


See our policy wording and insurance product information documents for an explanation of exactly what’s covered.

If you own multiple properties, or holiday homes in the UK, our specialist insurance can cover damage, misuse or intrusion.

Find out how our high net worth home insurance can protect your treasured art, antiques and jewellery.

Our specialist insurance can cover the expense of repairing listed properties.

Bonus cover features

Our Specialist cover also provides a few handy extras to protect you against the unexpected and help out if unlikely events happen.


Replacement of partially damaged item

We may not be able to mend the broken pieces, but we can help pay for restoration and partial loss. Our insurance will pay for the replacement of art or antiques that are damaged or lost, even if only a portion of them is missing.

In the event of damage to art, antiques or jewellery, we can pay for the cost and expense of restoration, together with any residual depreciation in value.

Extended replacement cover

We can offer extended replacement cover for items that have increased in market value beyond sums reflected in the schedule.

Our high-net-worth home insurance can cover claims up to 125% on valuables such as jewellery, watches, antiques and art, in the event of loss, theft or accidental damage. This applies to items that have been recently assessed by an accredited and recognised valuer within the last five years.

Flood and water leakage prevention measures

We know you can’t always predict what will happen in life. Water leaks and floods are a serious threat to your property and possessions. Unfortunately, the cost of fixing leaks has risen significantly in recent years. But early detection can save you a great expense.

Water leak detection and prevention measures can be a big investment. If you’ve made an approved claim of over £20,000 in damages, we can contribute up to £2,500 for installing devices in your property to help mitigate the risk of future damage to your home.

We hope it will never come to this, which is why we also offer a free LeakBot to customers.

Free LeakBot

Whether you’re a new customer or you’re renewing, we’ll offer you a free LeakBot, a leak detection system worth £149. LeakBot is a smart device that can identify hidden leaks and help resolve the problem before it becomes more serious.

Simple and quick setup that connects to your mobile phone

Easily attaches to your cold water pipe without specialist tools or trouble

Alerts you by phone at the first sign of trouble - identifying leaks before they become a serious problem

Expert repair from a LeakBot-approved expert plumber who will trace and access the problem

‘Always on’ monitoring to detect leaks, whether visible or not

Find out more about LeakBot

We’ll only be able to provide a free LeakBot for properties that meet the eligibility criteria. Unfortunately, one of the criteria is that flats or maisonettes are excluded. View the full T&Cs here.

Golf cover

Partial to a round of golf at your favourite club? We’ve built in some additional golfing covers. That way, you can concentrate on improving your handicap.

For example, if you achieve a hole in one at an official golf competition, we’ll pay £500 to cover the cost of the celebrations. Please get the club secretary to authenticate the scorecard before submitting it to us.

If your golf clubs are lost or damaged, we’ll pay up to £50 per day (to a maximum of £500) for the hire of replacement clubs or any you hire or borrow while playing golf beyond the territorial limits. An invoice for the cost of hire must be submitted to verify your claim.

To speak with your expert underwriter or for any queries, call us on 0800 916 6880


How do claims work for Specialist Home Insurance?

Our job is to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible if you need to make a claim. As part of our multi-award-winning claims service, we make the following commitments to you:

No claim forms to complete

Response to all queries within two working days

Your own experienced and UK-based claims manager who will personally manage your claim from start to finish

Choose your own contractor or supplier with our agreement or have us assign one for you

We will pay your claim within two working days of agreeing to the settlement amount.

Policy wording

Is High Value Home Insurance right for you?

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to protecting their home and contents, which is why we also offer a flexible Home Insurance product with three more levels of cover – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Expert quote

"If you own a high net worth home or high value items, it’s highly likely a Specialist Home Insurance policy would be right for you. These kinds of policies offer a higher level of cover that standard home insurance often can’t provide, and they may even be necessary if your property isn’t conventional."

Tom Lewis, Senior Commercial Manager

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We cover accommodations, such as bed & breakfasts, for up to six paying guests. However, we won’t be able to cover loss or damage to your home caused by malicious acts, or tenants and paying guests unless force and violence was used to gain entry or exit to the property.

Your policy will include loss or damage to contents in your home belonging to (non-paying) guests for up to £10,000 provided such contents are not otherwise insured. The maximum amount we will pay for any one article is £500.

Please note that this policy does not apply to malicious acts, or to tenants’ and paying guests’ contents unless force and violence are used to gain entry or exit.

We can provide cover for eligible flood-risk areas and properties that have previously been flooded, as part of the Flood Re initiative. We’re proud to help our customers protect themselves against flooding and your family's safety and well-being. In fact, we were one of the first Specialist Home insurers to provide Flood Re cover, and have provided this since 2016.

If you haven't had a full survey recently, we may decide to provide a valuation at your underwriter's discretion to ensure that you have the right cover. This will be a desktop valuation and an independent survey of your property conducted remotely using Ordnance Survey data and various other tools.

Our partner

Covéa Insurance plc has been carefully selected to underwrite Specialist Home Insurance from John Lewis.

Find out how our Specialist Home Insurance provides cover for your secondary homes.

Get peace of mind with cover for theft and loss of your valuable jewellery, rings and watches.

Learn how you can insure listed buildings with our Specialist Home Insurance.

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