Tom Lewis

Senior Commercial Manager, Specialist Home Insurance

Tom has been working in the Insurance and Finance industry for over 15 years. He started out at Allied Irish Bank (GB) working with high net-worth personal customers, followed by managing a portfolio of small and medium-sized enterprises. Tom then specialised in Car, Home and Van insurance as a Senior Commercial Manager for, before finally joining John Lewis Financial Services as the Senior Commercial Manager for Specialist Home Insurance in 2022. With over 7 years of experience in insurance, Tom is passionate about making sure customers get the products and experience they deserve from their insurer. Tom is a self-confessed travel fanatic who loves experiencing new cultures and finding adventure all around the globe, whatever the climate.

Tom Lewis has commented on...

“If you own a high net worth home or high value items, it’s highly likely a Specialist Home Insurance policy would be right for you. These kinds of policies offer a higher level of cover that standard home insurance often can’t provide, and they may even be necessary if your property isn’t conventional.”

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