What’s classed as sports equipment?

No matter how niche your favourite activity, we’ll almost certainly be able to insure your sports equipment. Whether it’s your pair of skis or your tennis racket, we can offer protection for your equipment.

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Contents Insurance covers equipment for the following sports, and many more:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Team sports including football, rugby, netball, basketball, hockey and cricket
  • Horse riding
  • Gym and fitness training
  • Winter sports including skiing, snowboarding and ice skating
  • Water sports including surfing and kayaking, and deep water sports including scuba diving
  • Action sports including skateboarding, roller skating and climbing
  • Fencing
  • Hunting and shooting

For specialist or extreme sports such as hang gliding or kitesurfing - our Specialist Home Insurance may be right for you. We even pay £500 towards a round of drinks should you get a hole-in-one in a golf competition.

What’s covered by sports equipment insurance?

John Lewis Contents Insurance covers your equipment against loss, theft and damage when it's at home.

With our Bronze, Silver and Gold policies, if you need cover for your equipment when you are outside the home - anywhere in the world - you can add personal possessions cover.

If you need cover for more specialist items, you can get John Lewis Specialist Cover. Our cover is bespoke, which is ideal for higher value sports equipment. You’re covered anywhere in the world, and we’ll pay for the cost of hiring golf equipment while yours is replaced or repaired.

Are there exceptions?

We don’t cover wear and tear which means you’ll need to look after your sports equipment. If you’ve used the item for a long time before it broke, we may not be able to cover you.

We don’t cover sports equipment that has been lent to someone other than a family member.

We don’t cover equipment used for professional sports. This cover is just for amateurs and enthusiasts.

We also need you to take due care and pay reasonable attention when using your sports equipment.

You may not be covered by our standard policies or add-ons if you:

  •  Use your equipment in a way it was not intended for
  •  Attempt a dangerous activity such as skiing off-piste
  •  Do not secure or supervise the items

Other sports insurance

You would also need additional cover for the following items:

Bicycle insurance

You can add bicycle insurance to your Bronze, Silver or Gold Home Insurance. This includes road bikes and mountain bikes.

Learn more about our bicycle insurance add-on.

Our Specialist Home Insurance also includes bicycle insurance as standard.

Gadgets for sports

For items like wearable fitness trackers, you can add gadget insurance to your Bronze, Silver or Gold Home Insurance.

Learn more about our gadget insurance add-on.

Our Specialist Home Insurance covers your gadgets as standard, wherever you go in the world.

Motorised vehicles

Unfortunately, we do not currently cover dirt bikes, karts and quad bikes.

If you own motorised vehicles like these, you may want to look into additional insurance elsewhere.

Maintaining your sports equipment

Your sporting equipment will last longer and be less likely to get damaged if you keep it performing at its best. This is especially important as we don’t cover general wear and tear.

Tips for keeping your sports equipment working well

Clean and dry (or wax and grease) equipment after use to prevent rust and dirt from building.

Safely store items in a locked and climate-controlled room. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for storage.

Keep items away from other items that could cause damage.

Repair any small defects, cracks or chips as soon as you spot them.

Keep up with regular services and safety tests by approved experts.

Follow the general advice of the approved sporting body or equipment manufacturer.

Do a safety check before and after using each item.


For specific sports equipment, we recommend you:

Check that skis and snowboards are free from cracks, boot clips are working, and surfaces are waxed before placing them in storage.

Wipe golf clubs dry and store them with head covers on.

Check scuba equipment before and after each use. Pay attention to gaps in wetsuit fabric, misalignment around valves, or cracks in goggles.

Restring tennis rackets regularly.

Clean shooting guns inside and out and remove ammunition before storage.

Securing your sports equipment

Always store your sports equipment somewhere it cannot be damaged or stolen. Store it inside your home rather than in your garage or shed if you can. It’s even better if you have CCTV across entrances and exits.

It’s best not to leave anything overnight at a friend’s house as we won’t be able to cover you for loss or theft.

Make sure you register your sports equipment and take photos. Also, note down serial numbers and dimensions.

Never leave an item unattended especially when you’re using it while out and about.

How to insure your sports equipment with John Lewis

If you have a Bronze, Silver or Gold policy, you can add personal possessions cover to your Contents Insurance. This gives you cover for your sports equipment anywhere in the world.

You can insure your contents or update your existing policy by calling us on 0345 608 9011 or getting a quote online.

For even higher cover levels, as well as specialist or extreme sports, we offer Specialist Home Insurance.


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