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By Caroline Bloor
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Updated 05 April 2024
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Just like us, the canine members of our families can struggle to cope with the hot weather. While you might be making the most of the summer sunshine to get outdoors and have some fun, it’s important to remember dogs can’t cool themselves down as well as people.

If your dog gets too hot, they could be at risk of heatstroke. Some dogs are more at risk than others. It will depend on their breed, coat, age and health. Contact your vet for advice if you are concerned about how your dog is handling the heat.

How to keep your dog cool at night

We all have trouble sleeping when it’s hot and muggy. Here are some tips that should help keep your dog cool and happy at night:

Keep curtains and blinds closed during the day to prevent the room from heating up too much. Then open the windows before bedtime to allow cool air in.

Let your dog sleep in the coolest place possible.

Give them a frozen chew toy to play with before bedtime.

Top up the water bowl when you go to bed.

Leave a fan directed at them or the air conditioning on.

Leave a window open at night if safe to do so.

How to watch out for heatstroke

Heatstroke in dogs happens when they can’t cool themselves down in hot weather, after exercising, or a mix of both. It can come on and can be life-threatening, so it’s important to know the signs and act fast.

Warning signs include:

Heavy panting

Tiredness and confusion

Drowsy and uncoordinated behaviour

Excessive drooling


Collapse or vomiting

For more information about heatstroke in dogs, check out the RSPCA guide.

If you're worried about heatstroke in your dog, take immediate steps to cool them down and ring your vet.

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Pet insurance guides

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Like humans, most dogs benefit from regular exercise. Try to find things they enjoy and will help them to blow off steam.

It’s important that your pet has a regular vet check to keep them fit and healthy, and to give you peace of mind.

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