Why we love Labradors

Labradors (or Labrador Retrievers) are a traditional family pet. They typically have a friendly and outgoing personality meaning they often bond well with their owners and other dogs.


A common choice for guide dogs and search and rescue animals

Originally found in Newfoundland, Canada as a fisherman’s companion

They’re born with ‘otter tails’ and slightly webbed feet that help them power through the water

What does John Lewis Pet Insurance include?

Pet insurance could give you peace of mind if your Labrador were to become unwell. John Lewis Pet Insurance offers six different Vet Fee cover levels, ranging from £2,000 - £12,000 per year.


Our Pet Insurance includes:


Annual Online Health Checks

Provided by vetfone™, one of the UK’s most trusted pet advice services, who can help you to spot any potential health issues. This is a service to complement your normal annual physical check up with your vet.


Lifetime Cover 

If your pet develops a long-term, chronic illness, there’s no limit to the length of treatment as long as there’s no break in your cover.

Learn about our Lifetime Cover

24/7 vetfone™ helpline

Around the clock access to fully trained veterinary nurses to get the advice and reassurance you need, when you need it.


Dental treatment

Our comprehensive cover provides routine treatments and emergency care, ranging from tooth decay and gum disease to post-illness teeth removal.*


Treatment foods

If prescribed by your vet, we could pay up to £300 per policy year. Cover forms part of vet fees.


Complementary therapies

Whether carried out by your vet or by a specialist under your vet’s direction, we could pay up to £1,500 per policy year. Cover forms part of vet fees.


Behavioural treatment

If your vet suggests some behaviour training, we could pay up to £300 per policy year. Cover forms part of vet fees.

*For dental care up to your chosen Vet Fee limit. If your pet has a dental check every 12 months: once it has had its first check and your vet has done any necessary work, should your pet suffer from tooth decay or gum disease before the next 12-month check, or if tooth decay or gum disease are seen at the time of the next check, we pay. If your pet doesn’t have a check every 12 months, or if the work required is not done, we will only pay; 

1) For teeth or gums if they are damaged in an accident,

2) If an underlying illness causes tooth decay or gum disease, or

3) To remove teeth as treatment of an illness which is not gum disease or tooth decay.

Average treatment costs

Exact costs can vary for vet treatments depending on the severity of your Labrador’s condition and also the practice that you chose to visit.


However, we know that understanding how much you may have to make a claim for can help you work out how high a level of pet insurance you might need. 


To give you an idea of how high a level of pet insurance you might need, we’ve broken down some of the recent claims made by our current customers by price and condition.

Data between January 2021 - February 2023:

Condition Average cost with
John Lewis Pet Insurance
Lameness £1,575.14
Arthritis / DJD
(degenerative joint disease)
Poisoning £592.49
Cruciate Rupture £3,436.67
Vomiting £883.31
Wound £607.02
Lump £615.42
Tumour £1,511.16
Skin allergy £1,964.96
Foreign body gastric £1,561.09

95% of all Pet Insurance claims through John Lewis Pet Insurance were paid within 5 days between May 2023 and October 2023.


Yes, even though Labradors tend to have short fur, they do shed often. To help reduce the amount of loose hair you find around your home, you should regularly brush your lab.

Labradors tend to be fully grown around 12 months old, but in some cases, they can keep maturing up to their second birthday.

Labradors are a smart breed, so can respond well to training, however, they are full of energy, so need to be exercised frequently to prevent boredom from interfering with their training.

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