Matt Richardson

Head of Foreign Exchange

Matt became a Partner back in June 2023, joining us as the Head of Foreign Exchange for John Lewis Finance. He has been working directly in FX management since 1995, having worked at Travelex, Deutsche Bank and J. P. Morgan. With his impressive background, Matt has the key experience and knowledge to ensure our customers receive quality currency exchange products, paired with the signature John Lewis experience.

Outside of work, Matt loves to stay active and is a keen skier, sailor, tennis and cricket player. Occasionally, he can be persuaded to go horseback riding too!

Matt says:

“For customers who live, work, study, or buy property abroad, a reliable and trusted provider is a must. We want to make your international payments as easy as possible. We’re here to manage the complicated parts, to keep things simple for you.”

“There's a lot that goes into planning a trip abroad, which is why we've made a point to make sure you receive your foreign currency at your convenience. Whether it's exchanging directly at one of our Bureau de Change or ordering online with next-day home delivery, we'll make sure you receive your travel money in enough time. If you're on the go, you can even pick up your currency at your local John Lewis or Waitrose.."

“It's easy to forget about the leftover foreign banknotes after a holiday. Instead of sticking it in a drawer, you could get your money's worth with our buy backs. Pop into our Bureau next time you're in John Lewis, and we'll have one of our Partners help you with the exchange.”

“There's no reason why international payments should be costly and complicated. We've made sure our foreign currency transfers solution offer customers an easy transaction. Whether it's sending some extra money to your child attending Uni in Shanghai or to pay for your dream holiday home in Orlando, we're here to help."

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