Finding out your home has been burgled is a shock, especially if you've lost treasured possessions. Here's what to do:

First steps

Contact the police immediately.

Don't touch anything more than you have to or attempt to clear up any mess. You could destroy important evidence.

Check your home for damage and make a note of what's missing.

Report stolen credit/debit cards or cheque books to your bank.

Report stolen passports or driver's licence.

Contact your insurance company. They may want to take your details immediately or wait for the police to make a report.

Check with your insurance company to see if you have Home Emergency included in your policy and if an emergency locksmith and repairs are covered.

When the police arrive they’ll take your details and help make sure your home is secure. They'll give you a crime reference number. We might need this when you make a claim.

If you call an emergency locksmith or glazier, keep the receipts. You may be able to claim them on your home insurance.

Check what you need to do to make an insurance claim, such as photographing damage and keeping receipts for replacement items.

Putting things right

If the police recover any of your lost property you must tell the insurance company. They will take this into account when calculating your claim.

Prevent a burglary and protect your property

Install a burglar alarm – this may also make your home insurance cheaper. It's worth noting that many insurers will add endorsements onto your policy. For example, if you go out and don't set the alarm.

Secure your doors and windows – and never leave keys in locks or on windowsills where they’re in plain view.

Note down serial numbers – most electronic goods have them. This makes it easier to prove ownership if the police find your property.

Keep valuation certificates and receipts – it helps your insurance company settle your claim if you have proof of ownership and value.

Take photographs – for items without serial numbers, such as furniture and jewellery, a photograph is a good substitute. A photograph of a unique or rare item can help your insurance company repair or replace it.

If you have Home Emergency included in your policy, you have access to a 24 hour helpline and up to £1,500 (depending on cover level) in labour and parts for emergency repairs to broken windows or doors, if you have Premier cover.

We aim to settle claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Specialist Home Insurance policy also provides Trauma Cover, which includes up to £15,000 for security improvements at your home after a burglary.

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