If you haven't made an insurance claim for a couple of years, you'll probably qualify for a No Claims Discount on your Car Insurance premiums. It's important to understand how these discounts work and how to get the best deal on your car insurance.

How No Claims Discounts are calculated

No Claims Discounts reward safe drivers by giving them a reduction on their insurance premium if they don't make a claim. Usually, for every year that you have insurance on a car, but don't make a claim, you earn another year's ‘No Claims Discount', up to a maximum number of years.

A minimum of five years without a claim usually qualifies you for the maximum discount with most insurers. This can mean 60 to 75 per cent off your premiums. Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance offers a maximum No Claims Discount of 75 per cent.*

Protecting my No Claims Discount

By paying a little extra on your premium you can protect your No Claims Discount. This means you'll still receive the discount, even if you have to make a claim. It's important to be aware of how many claims you can protect your discount against, and over what period.

With our Car Insurance, you can protect your No Claims Discount against any two claims made within three years.

Points to note about your No Claims Discount

If you already have a car insured with us, you can use your No Claims Discount to get an introductory discount when insuring a second car.

If you’ve already got a No Claims Discount on a company car, we may be able to offer a discount if you insure your own car with us. You’ll need to provide proof of your claim-free driving history from your company.

If you make a claim you probably won’t lose your discount, you may just go down to a lower level - for example, a four-year No Claims Discount might be reduced to two years. But if you then make another claim in quick succession, and you haven't got a protected No Claims Discount, you are likely to lose your No Claims Discount altogether.

No Claims Discounts vary from insurer to insurer and each company calculates them differently. You should always shop around to make sure you get the best possible deal based on your claims history.

* Maximum 75% is only available with 9 years or more no claims history. Quotes offered from a panel of insurers. Not all panel members offer up to 75%. Minimum premiums apply.

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