Could you afford the cost
of veterinary care?

The relationship that we enjoy with our pet is based on mutual love, trust and respect. We rely on them to bring us joy, comfort and companionship in life, but they rely on us if they ever get injured or ill.

With the cost of veterinary care continuing to rise, the right pet insurance could save you money and stress.

Although none of us want to imagine something happening to our furry friend, leaving them uninsured can lead to large bills and lots of hassle. According to recent figures released by the Association of British Insurers, the average cost of veterinary surgery is now £1,500 and the average vet bill is £757.

Covering the cost of treatment

Taking into account the potential cost of treatment, should your pet get injured or ill, it’s important to have the right cover in place. But with so many insurance companies and levels of cover available, finding the right insurance policy for your pet can seem overwhelming.

The main thing to be aware of is that while many pet insurance policies appear similar, there can be differences in both the level of cover offered and the things that your pet will actually be covered for.

We’re here to make things simple

They're there for you, so we're there for them. Our Pet Insurance offers six levels of cover for vet fees each year of up to £2,000, £3,000, £5,000, £7,500, £9,000, or £12,000, making it easy for you to find the policy that’s right for you and your pet.

Other key benefits include:

Lifetime cover

We’ll protect your pet for life, with no limit on the length of treatment, provided you renew your policy and there is no break in cover.

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No Upper Age Limits

We can cover your pet from just eight weeks old and there’s no upper age limit. However, we do not pay claims for deaths from illness if your pet is aged nine or over.

Annual online health checks provided by vetfoneTM

Like you, we believe pets should enjoy healthy and happy lives. That’s why we offer Annual Online Health Checks to keep them in fine fettle, so you can look after your pet’s wellbeing long before their tail stops wagging.

Freephone vetfone helpline

24/7 support from fully trained veterinary nurses.

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Dental care

– and not just for emergencies. We could help with a whole range of your pet’s dental needs, including:

  • Teeth or gums damaged in an accident.
  • Any underlying illness causing tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Teeth removals, if needed to treat an illness.


We could also support you when it comes to behavioural treatment, treatment food, complementary treatment and the cost of looking for a lost or stolen pet.

Rising cost of insurance for older pets

As pets get older, sadly they’re more likely to get ill. In fact, our claims data shows that the cost of looking after your pet’s health doubles every four to five years. That’s why your renewal price increases each year, and your co-payment may increase when your pet turns nine, even if you haven’t had to make a claim.

Unfortunately, once a pet has been taken ill, they’re more likely to get ill again. Which is why, if a claim is paid, the price you will pay next year can double.

It’s important you budget for renewal prices to increase as your pet gets older. How much they go up is different for everyone and depends on things like your pet’s breed, their age and health. And there’s no limit to how much your renewal price can increase over time.


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