Before you submit a dispute, we’d like to understand the circumstances around your claim to ensure this is the best process for your dispute to be resolved and avoid any potential delays.

Based on the circumstances of your dispute, please read through the below questions thoroughly and answer to the best of your knowledge.

Do you have all of the listed evidence required to support your claim?

  • Invoice/booking confirmation
  • Full Itinerary (if applicable)
  • Retailer’s terms and conditions relating to your purchase (not in the format of a link)
  • Evidence of cancellation showing who (you or the retailer) has initiated the cancellation
  • Evidence of attempts to resolve with the retailer
  • Evidence of administration (if applicable)
  • Evidence of rejection from the Bonding Authority (if your purchase was protected by ATOL/ABTA/CPT) 
  • Evidence of the expected delivery date for any goods not received 
  • Independent report carried out by a professional in the field confirming faults with the goods purchased and the likely cause of such faults (if applicable)

  • Please note: If you don’t submit all of these as part of your claim, there may be delays in your dispute being resolved.
  • Would you like to proceed? 

Please see our FAQs page.

Is your dispute related to travel services? (If your claim relates to non-receipt of a Covid-19 PCR/lateral flow test kit or test result on the date expected, please click ‘No’)

If your dispute is related to a recurring transaction/subscription, please complete our Recurring Transaction/Subscription Dispute Form

If you’ve purchased a PCR/lateral flow test kit in advance which has not arrived on the expected delivery date, you may be able to dispute this transaction. Please check the terms and conditions of your purchase before submitting a claim to us as the supplier of the testing service may not always guarantee the date of delivery. They may also not guarantee the time taken for the test result to be delivered. When reviewing your claim, we may ask for these terms and conditions if not already provided. There will be no dispute or Section 75 rights unless delivery dates are guaranteed. 

For all other disputes, including claims relating to a Covid-19 PCR/lateral flow test kit or result, please complete our online Card Dispute Declaration Form.

  • Would you like to proceed? 

Please see our FAQs page.

If your claim relates to travel which you’ve cancelled (due to a change in FCDO advice, or otherwise), you may not be entitled to a refund unless the supplier’s terms and conditions have a refund policy which the supplier declines to honour. You may wish to contact your travel insurance provider in order to pursue your claim. 

Would you like to proceeed?

Please see our FAQs page

Please complete our online Disputed Travel Services form.

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