The information below provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new
website, statements and how to make payments. We hope you find it useful. 


Will I be charged late fees and interest if my payment was delayed?

If you’ve had an issue making your most recent payment to us, you may have been charged a late fee. Please be assured we’ve now refunded this in full, together with the total interest charged on your last statement. This will be shown as a ‘credit adjustment’ on your next statement. 


Will my credit rating be affected? 

It will not affect your credit rating if your payment was late due to our recent account processing issues. 


What should I do if my payment has been returned?

If your faster payment through your online banking, has been returned, please check the payment reference is your current card number and try again.


How do my transactions appear on my new online account statement?

Your information will appear in the ‘Statement’ tab up to three days after the statement date. For instance, if the date is 15 October, your statement will be visible on or before 18 October. All transactions will be displayed in chronological date order within the 'date processed' column of your statement. Transactions by the Primary cardholder will be listed first, followed by Additional cardholder transactions. 


Other FAQs

Our new online service was launched recently. All customers wishing to use the new online account service will need to register for it, including customers who used the previous My Account service. You can register here.  


When you register for our new online service you can choose your username. It can be 8 – 15 characters in length and we recommend you use a mixture of lower and uppercase letters, as well as at least one number. The username cannot include special characters.

Online account PIN
To use online servicing you also need to set up a six digit PIN. This is not the four digit PIN that you use to spend on your card. When you login to your online servicing in the future, you'll be asked for three random numbers from your online account PIN.

Overseas customers
If the address we hold for you is not in the UK, we’re very sorry that you currently won’t be able to register to manage your account online. You’ll still be able to service your account over the telephone and receive paper statements from us. If you wish to make a payment, you can do this through your own bank. You can also set up a Direct Debit, or pay by debit card over the phone.

How to login
You will need to enter your new username and password as set up during your registration. You will then be asked for three digits from your six digit online account  PIN (this is not the four digit PIN you use to spend on your card).

View your transactions
Your transactions are listed in date order according to when the activity was processed onto your account.

Check your statement 
Your statement information will appear in the ‘Statement’ tab up to three days after the statement date of your account. For instance, if the date of your statement is 15 October, your statement will be visible on or before 18 October.

Paperless statements 
If you’ve opted in for paperless statements, these will be available to download as a PDF from three days after your statement date. You will be able to see these if you register before your next monthly statement date. You will not see the month in which you register for eStatements as they are not available retrospectively. 

Changing details in your online account
You can change your marketing preferences, personal contact details or opt in for paperless statements by using the ‘Personal settings’ option.

Unblocking your account
Only our Customer services team can do this for you, so you need to phone our contact centre. Call volumes are high at the moment but our team will try to answer you as quickly as possible. 

Please note: We upgraded our online service recently. As an existing customer you will need to re-register in order to use your online account. If you’ve not re-registered yet, this may be the reason for your online account appearing blocked. You can re-register here.  

Account summary

The account summary breaks out the different types of activity on your account including fees, interest, spending and payments. Purchases at John Lewis and Waitrose shops appear on a separate line. Purchases elsewhere are shown in the 'Other transactions' row. 

For statements dating the 10 - 23 October 2016, we are aware that any refunds shown on your statement on later pages will not have been deducted from the 'Other transactions' section in the summary; this issue has now been corrected.

For statements dating  1-19 January 2017, you may have noticed some double points allocated on your statements since October 2016. These have been shown in error and haven’t been included in your overall points balance. We’re now correcting the system so that any double points you see in future will be accurate. Any double points you may have earned in our 27 October - 8 December events have not yet been applied. These will appear on your next statement in time for you to receive your John Lewis and Waitrose vouchers in February. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

For all statements (with any statement date) the section called 'Your new balance' on the first page of your statement displays the correct amount owing, taking into account any refunds and credits. The minimum payment and the due date can be seen underneath 'Your new balance'.


Transaction lists

The transactions on your account are shown in date order according to when they were processed, with all of the primary cardholder transactions being shown first and then additional cardholder transactions. 

To help you calculate your higher points earning rate, we still show John Lewis and Waitrose purchases separately from other purchases. 

Any transactions showing ‘CR’ after them are credits to your account. These may be payments or refunds.

Making a payment
You can make a payment online or through your bank using the details below:

Your current 16 digit Partnership Card number to ensure any future payments you make aren’t delayed.  If you use an old card number, your payment will be returned to you.

 Sort code                      40-63-02

 Account number           1000 0000

Making a payment if you've had your card replaced
If you’ve had a replacement card when your old card expired, the card number would have remained the same. If at any point your primary card has been replaced due to loss, theft or damage you will have been issued a card with a new 16 digit number; this may have been several years ago. When making a payment through your online banking, your payment will only be successful if the current 16 digit Partnership Card number of the primary cardholder is used as your payment reference. If you use an old Partnership Card number, your payment will be returned. Please check your online banking payment set up, to ensure your current card number is quoted.

Direct Debit dates
If your Direct Debit date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday, this will be processed on the following working day.

Lost or stolen card - payment update
If the primary card has been reported lost or stolen, when you receive your new card you’ll need to use the new 16 digit number on any payments you make to your credit card, including changing your Direct Debit if you have one set up.  

You can set a Direct Debit to pay the minimum amount, a fixed amount, or to clear your outstanding balance in full, download the form here.

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