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According to UK law, all cars need to be insured, but the level of cover is up to you. Many people continue to use their existing car insurance company because it’s easier to just renew their policy rather than shop around. But this can result in you not only wasting money, but also not actually using the car insurance provider or policy that is best for you.

On the surface, many insurance policies can look very similar. But if you take a closer look, there will usually be differences in both the level of cover offered and the things that you’ll actually be covered for.

That’s why it’s so important to read the policy documentation and do your research before you buy. Many insurers will have unique features in their cover that could be very valuable to you – or something that you’ll never require.

Follow our top tips to see how you could not only save money on car insurance, but also make sure it covers everything it needs to and doesn’t have any hidden exemptions.

Research the options

There are many car insurance comparison websites, so going online can be a good place to start. Results can be confusing and a little overwhelming, but if you enter accurate details and pick and choose the elements of cover you do and don’t want, you could save money.

Go direct

Once you’ve browsed an online comparison website and found an insurance provider you think is the best for you, it’s worth phoning them directly. This way you can talk to a person who can answer your questions before you commit to buying. It’s important to remember that some insurers aren’t on price comparison websites, but you can call them to ask what they can offer you.

Don't get caught out

Remember that the cheapest car insurance isn’t always the most comprehensive and you may get caught out if you make a claim for something you thought was covered. So before you buy, check that the insurer you’ve chosen provides the right level of cover that you need for your car.

Check out the benefits

Certain insurers will give you a gift when you join them or offer a rewards scheme. This shouldn’t necessarily sway you too much, but it’s worth considering if it’s a close call.

Every Car Insurance policy from John Lewis Finance has been carefully created to make sure that we offer a high level of cover and great value for money. As well as the great cover that you’d expect, there are some additional features within many of our policies that you might not know about.

24 hours, 7 days a week – we know accidents can happen at any time and are never convenient. That’s why our claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Misfuelling Cover – putting diesel in your tank instead of petrol, or vice versa, is a surprisingly easy mistake to make and it can cause a lot of damage. That’s why with Car Insurance from John Lewis Finance you can claim for a drain-out up to £500, and 10 litres of the correct fuel to get you back on the road.

£500 Onward Travel Cover – being involved in an accident can put a big dent in your plans as well as your car. That’s why if you’re involved in an accident and you need to travel due to an emergency before your replacement car arrives, we'll reimburse you up to £500 towards travel or hotel costs.

European Cover - As long as you've got a Green Card, we'll cover you in Europe for up to 90 days each year. See driving in Europe to find out how to get a free Green Card.


We’ll cover a full drain-out and 10 litres of refuelling if you accidentally choose the wrong pump.

We’ll keep life carrying on as normal with a courtesy car provided as standard.

Onward Travel

We'll pay up to £500 towards travel or a hotel so you can complete your journey if you're involved in an accident.

Top FAQs

Third party insurance only covers you if:

    You injure someone

    You damage their vehicle or property

Third party, fire and theft covers you for the above and will also pay to repair or replace your own car if it is stolen, or damaged or destroyed by fire.

However, third party policies won't pay to repair any other type of damage to your car.

The most commonly purchased option is comprehensive cover. It covers all of the above, plus

Personal belongings cover

Uninsured driver protection

Guaranteed repairs

Replacement locks


and more.

All new John Lewis Car Insurance policies provide comprehensive cover.

If you're involved in an accident, you're legally required to:

Give your name, address and insurance details to anyone who has a good reason to ask for them – namely the other driver.

Report the incident to the police within 24 hours if you or anyone else is injured.

Provide your Certificate of Motor Insurance within five days of the incident.

If possible, you should also collect the following information:

Full details of the other driver(s).

Registration numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident.

Where, when and how the accident happened.

Details of any injuries or damage caused

Names and contact details of any witnesses

Police officers’ details and any reference numbers you are given

Photographs of the scene or any damage, if possible

CCTV or dashcam footage

No. We do not currently offer multi-car insurance.

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